From Puppy to Worldchampionships 2

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From Puppy to Worldchampionships 2

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Welcome to our online work with Border Collie Soul

We are happy to invite you to join us in our journey working with Soul towards FCI3 worldchampionships. It’s a very long and exiting journey, but we will make sure to have lots of fun along the way 🙂

Neil Short and Miriam Søndergaard have teamed up, and together they will train little puppy Soul. In practice it will be like this: Miriam is the owner of the dog and will be the daily trainer. She will video tape the training and together both Neil and Miriam will give comments on the video. They will talk about how to improve every exercise and show how to start and progress each exercise when you have FCI3 as goal. It’s very important to mention that Miriam will show everything! Nothing will be hidden. All Miriams challenges and mistakes in training will be out in the open and discussed how to improve. Normally Miriam doesn’t work with a clicker, she likes to use her own voice as reward information, but as Neil is very fond of using the clicker, Miriam is learning how to use it.

Neil will visit Denmark once a month to work more closely with Miriam and Soul. At the moment it is unfortunately not possible because of Covid, so all is done online. When borders open we will add this live teaching to the videos.

Our headline mantra is to have fun, enjoy the journey, and love every little piece in the puzzle, even when it doesn’t go as planned. We want to show you how to handle failure and how to turn negatives into positives. We want to show you how to build a fast, focused and confident dog who loves to work with you!

We all know, there are a million ways to Rome! Our way is just one of them. 

In each video you will find all the exercises we work with in current timeperiod of aproximately one month. Almost every exercise will have at least 2 videoclips. One clip before comments, and one clip after comments. There will be comments on exercises, positives and how to improve in next training, and then you will see next training with the progress of these improvements. Length of videos will vary between 45 to 60 minutes. The video will be available for 12 months from the day of purchase.

1. No part of the published video may be reproduced, shared, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.
2. Your booking is binding and not refundable. The entry fee shall be refunded in full if the video is cancelled.
3. By signing in You accept the terms and conditions.

Neil has trained dogs more than 30 years. He works full time as a dog trainer and travels the world teaching. Neil is known for his very positive way of training. He is brilliant at turning failure into positives, and has an amazing ability to read both dog and handler.
He made 2 obedience champions from show bred golden retrievers, and competed at Crufts 11 times.

Miriam has trained dogs for more than 24 years. She has competed with 3 dogs at WCO, and won in 2015. She owns and run Indog Elite Center in Denmark.
At the moment Miriam is training 4 very different dogs. Casey 10 years, SkyLee 6 years, Flake 2 years and Soul 5 months.
Debut at WCO 2001 – Team bronze with Irish Setter Kenzo
Nordic Championships 2009 – No 3 with BC Texas
Finals WCO 2010 – No 3 with BC Texas
Finals WCO 2010 – TEAM WINNER with BC Texas
Finals WCO 2015 – WINNER with BC Casey
Nordic Championships 2015 – WINNER with BC Casey
Finals WCO 2017 – No 5 with BC Casey
Danish Champion – WINNER x 14 with 4 dogs
Danish Dog of the year – WINNER x 16 with 5 dogs
Price: 50€ / 375 dkr. per video.
After payment you will receive a link to the video.We hope you will enjoy the video :)Kind regards
Neil Short
Miriam Søndergaard


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