MIRIAM’s Training 1/2020


februar 1 - 08:00 am


februar 15 - 07:00 am

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Kursus - blå

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Læsøvej 6B, opkørsel fra Katmosevej

Viborg, Denmark, 8800

Registration link:
?? https://indog.nemtilmeld.dk/80/ ??

Hello 🙂

My name is Miriam Søndergaard. I have trained dogs on high level obedience for 22 years. I brought 3 dogs to World Championships and have a lot of nice results in the bag.
During the years, the different types of dogs I worked with, has taught me what I know today.

I have often been asked if I do online teaching. I always say “no thank you”, as I feel it is super difficult to work with timing and feelings on a computer. So my idea with this group is to make videos of my own training with my comments. I will share ups and downs, the whole package, not only the polished videos with succesful training. It will be a ‘follow along’ class with no feed back, for a fee.

The group opens: 1 February – 30 April 2020
Price: 750,- DKK / 100 Euro
( You can enter the group at any time during this time period as you will find all videos available in the group)

If you find it interesting, please feel free to join my group.
?? https://indog.nemtilmeld.dk/80/ ??

Don’t worry when the system tells you places are sold out.
Places are limited; grounded that the system will automatically put You on a waiting list. After available places has been checked You will receive a link to payment, and then when this is done, you will receive a link to the group.
Language will be english.

PS Facebook does not allow events longer than 14 days, this doesn’t mean anything regarding the registration or the training group.

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